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Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between Epic Surf Camp and the Client that books at www.epicsurfcamp.com, participating in one of our activities or purchasing any related products or services found there.
ESC – Short abbreviation for Epic Surf Camp
ESS – Short abbreviation for Epic Surf School
ACTIVITIES – The Activities provided at the destination and included in the Package Service, such as surfing lessons, sup lessons, etc. The Activities may be provided by Epic Surf Camp or a partner.
BOOKING CONFIRMATION – Message confirmation by email sent to the Client in case the booking is accepted by Epic Surf Camp
CLIENT – The person or company that receives a service from Epic Surf Camp in return for confirmed payment.
GROUP BOOKING – a booking made on behalf of other persons
MINOR – A person with less than 18 years old at arrival camp date.
PACKAGE – Service provided by Epic Surf Camp, related to accommodation or activities that can be bought for a determined monetary value.
SURF PACKS – VILLA – Package constituted by accommodation, surf courses and other activities add-ons
SURF SCHOOL PACKS – Package constituted by surf lessons


By booking at Epic Surf Camp, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms.
When a booking has been submitted to ESC or ESS you must receive communication that your request for reservation has entered in our system. If you do not receive such message, we advise you to contact us to epicsurfcamp@gmail.com.
Your booking is only confirmed when Booking Confirmation has been sent to you.
If you make a booking on behalf of other participants, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept these Terms on behalf of the other participants. By booking on behalf of other participants, you are deemed to be the designated contact person for every participant included on that booking. This means that you are responsible for making all payments due in connection with your booking.
Minor’s consent – Anyone under the age of 18 on the date of first travel is considered to be a minor by Portugal law. All bookings made by a minor traveling without a parent or guardian require the written consent of a parent, guardian or any other person who is required by applicable law for any minor to travel.
Anyone doing a booking under a 3rd party group organiser will have access at Group guest list information, booking number, payment status, contact information and all other information required to complete the Booking Process.
The group organiser takes full responsibility for the total payment of the group and the responsibility of accepting these terms on behalf of their group.
Once you’ve received your holiday confirmation and booking email, the holiday countdown begins.
In the run up to your departure date we will ensure you’re ready for your trip  by sending you a packing list and guides to restaurants and activities in the area.
You will also receive a detailed rundown of your itinerary, transfers, surf lessons, yoga lessons and any other extras.
Please ensure you take out travel insurance at the time of booking, as this covers you for any mishaps in the countdown to your holiday that could prevent you from travelling.
You are also responsible for getting visas, vaccinations and any other documentation required to travel to the Epic Surf Camp.
The final price of your holiday is not confirmed until your deposit is paid.
Payment can be made via a direct Bank Transfer into Epic Surf Camp account (See Price and Payment conditions below).
The Client must leave The Surf Villa has it was found upon arrival regarding infrastructure or equipment there.
Check in between 15 to 20 o’clock.
Check out at 12 PM (Noon)
3 hours between Check in and Check out are mandatory due to Clean & Safe COVID 19 measures.
Smoking is not allowed inside the house
The number of guests allocated to each room is stipulated on the booking. You may not exceed this number of guests and in the case of arriving with extra guests, ESC reserves the right to charge for any extra persons or refuse you the right to use the accommodation.
We have road-tested all the accommodation to ensure it meets our standards for your ultimate surfing holiday. The description of each accommodation is accurate on the website and any other marketing material at the time of writing and updated regularly. We will not be held responsible for any changes in the accommodation, amenities or service since our latest update.
Epic Surf Camp will not accept responsibility or pay compensation for the loss or damage of vehicle or contents of any guest during your stay. This includes no responsibility for failures and incidents beyond its control – including personal accidents, breakdown of internet access, exceptional weather conditions, neighbouring building works, interruption of utility services, epidemic.
If Client booked the Transfer service, ESC must be informed of estimated hour, date  and arrival flight at OPORTO airport, so we can plan efficiently our transfer service to pick you up.
Be aware that Clients are required to show document of reservation upon request by our staff before transfer service, so make sure you have necessary document with you (digital format accepted).
For staff and client’s safety, the transfer service can be refused to Client if its detected unappropriated behaviours that may induce suspicion of alcohol or drugs intoxication, or even to any form of harassment, discrimination or misconduct towards staff or Clients present on same transfer service. In that case no refund will be made.
If Client has any special request regarding, for example, oversized luggage, physical limitations, etc., must inform ESC, 24 hours prior to transfer service
The Client is responsible for having a complete and valid Identification Document and other documents necessary to complete the Booking.
We are committed to ensure that your personal data is protected all time. To complete your reservation, we will have to ask personal information about you, like:
Name, date of birth, country of departure, gender, personal contacts (Phone number, email, address), passport and Id number.
All the personal data given to ESC will only be used in your Booking and to make a communication to Portuguese Customs and Borders Service of your stay with us, which we are obliged to do by Portuguese Law.
Your personal data will not be sold or given to third parties without your consent.
ESC will only send promotional communications of our services to your email or use of your image in our social media channels while staying with us, upon your written consent. By written request, the client may ask for deletion of all his or her personal data in our database to prevent further promotional communication.
Other information as, weight, height, etc., can be requested by ESC to provide proper surf equipment.
Client is responsible of all equipment used during activities.
During the Activities booked by the Client at ESC, Client will be covered by our personal accident insurance according with Portugal Law. However, we advise the client to acquire a Full travel insurance that also covers medical treatment during his or her holidays.
Client must understand that he or she must follow instructors / guides instructions during activities on his or her stay.
Client that deliberates puts himself or others in danger regardless of ESC Staff instructions or not, are responsible for any outcome from his or her actions. ESC doesn’t accept responsibility for the consequences of such actions.
The Client shall behave and not in any way impair the comfort and enjoyment of the other Clients during his or her stay / activities at ESC.
ECS reserves the right to withdraw any booking, accommodation or activity service made and/or to decline or refuse any individual with a booking at ESC, if it’s determined that such individual is likely to endanger the health or safety, or impair the comfort and enjoyment of the other Clients at ESC.
Ensure you have had all the necessary inoculations before you travel. Check out www.masta-travel-health.com for advice and make an appointment at the travel health clinic at least 6 weeks before you travel.
Activities may be organised and performed by a partner of Epic Surf Camp
Clients participate in all Activities on their own risk and are responsible for assessing whether a Package or Activity is suitable for them or not. Clients should consult a physician to confirm their fitness for participation in any planned Activities. It is the Client responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each aspect of the Package and Activity based on their unique circumstances, limitations, fitness level and medical requirements. In order to participate in an Activity, you must upon request provide any medical information reasonably requested by Epic Surf Camp.
ESC reserves the right to deny the Client permission to participate in any aspect of a Package or Activity at any time and at the Client own risk and expense where ESC determines that the Client’s physical or mental condition renders the Client unfit for activity or represent a danger to him/her or others.
ESC is not responsible for weather conditions during your stay, and will have the right to cancel activities if weather conditions make it impossible or unsafe to run lessons as planned. Instructors and guides working for ESC will have the full right to take decisions about whether the conditions are appropriate or not for activities, and will also do their best to give the missing activity(es) back at another time during your stay. ESC will have the full right to take decisions about whether the conditions are appropriate or not for activities, gear and rentals. Clients cannot claim a refund because any other weather conditions hindering ESC in giving safe activities.
After purchase is made and under our terms:
– Client can ask for cancellation and request a full deposit refund until 30 days prior to arrival.
– After 30 days prior to arrival ESC will not make any refund. However we will make a voucher of same amount payed to ESC, to be used within 12 months  from the date of reservation.
To use cancellation Policy, Client must send to ESC a written cancellation and a request for refund with the order number included within the time limit stated above to epicsurfcamp@gmail.com.
In case the reason for cancellation is justified by proof of positive test to COVID-19 or your flight is canceled, 7 days and until 24h before the check-in time, we will issue a voucher with the amount you paid to ESC.
The voucher, will have a duration of 12 months to be used from the date of reservation.
No compensation will be paid where the change or cancellation is due to Force Majeure. Force Majeure means unforeseeable and unusual circumstances beyond our control at Epic Surf Camp, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised. Such circumstances or events include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, pandemic outbreak, civil strife, closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster industrial dispute, and unavoidable technical problems with transport, fire and adverse weather conditions.
For changes made after the Agreement has become binding upon the parties, ESC has, in addition to the reimbursement for the actual costs resulting from the changes, the right to charge an administrative fee of 25 euros that may be or not applied, depending if change means downgrade of Package purchased or costs incurred.
Change of dates can only be made until 30 days before the arrival date and if ESC has availability in desire dates.
Booking dates can only be requested to change at maximum two times.
Downgrading the package from Surf package to bed and breakfast package can be done as long as its 15 days or more to arrival day.
Adding services can be made at any time, depending of ESC logistic approval.
The person responsible for the booking and payment, can request to change the name of the Client in their booking, but only if the package already has been paid in full. ESC accepts name change, but will not accept responsibility for payment from the person taking over the booking. This is considered an interaction between the original Client and the new Client.
ESC may change the terms of the Agreement after the Agreement has been concluded within reasonable justification and with Client informed. If the Package cannot be carried out as agreed, the Client will be informed as soon as possible. If the change results in a reduction of the value of the Package, the Client is entitled to a price reduction. However, this does not apply to any changes or deviations that may be considered to be of minor importance to the Client.
Due to unpredictable events, we may not be able to provide parts of the agreed services at combined date for certain Packages because of their special nature. For example, changed natural conditions, etc. may cause us to make changes to the activities schedule. In such cases, if possible, we will offer the Client solutions to compensate any degradation on his package.
The client cancellation of the Package must be done in writing, preferably by e-mail to epicsurfcamp@gmail with the booking confirmation number. Please note the date of which ESC receives the cancellation will be crucial for the amount of the refund. There will be no refund if the Client chooses to cancel a Package after it has commenced. Check Cancellation Policy for further information
ESC, has the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit if payment has not been made in full within 7 days of arrival. If paying by bank transfer, a delay of 1 week when paying via bank transfer is considered normal procedure and therefore a payment a week prior to due date is necessary when paying with bank transfer.
The Client has the right to transfer his or her booking to another person, if this person complies with these Terms and the Agreement and fulfils the conditions of participation in the Package, for a fee of 25€. For such, ESC must be notified within a reasonable time before arrival. The Client and the person to whom the Package is transferred.
Our goal at Epic Surf Camp is to provide fun and enjoyable times for our guests but also to everyone working for us.
Respect other guests, staff and local surfers in water at all times.
Any form of harassment, discrimination or misconduct isn’t permitted in our Surf Camp. Expect Zero tolerance policy for any violation of our Code of Conduct. All complains of violation of our Code of conduct will be taken seriously and legal actions will be taken if needed.
All Clients should treat our camp property and equipment with respect and care.
Communication between guests/staff should always be in a respectful manner, regardless of gender, origin, position and sexual orientation.
Substance abuse is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol is allowed, but use good judgement to avoid put yourself or others in danger or even in a way that violates the law.
Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at any time.


Surf Lessons must be booked or changed 24 hours prior to lesson time.
We advise booking your surf lessons 5 days prior to lesson time.
Failure to attend booked Surf Lesson will still be charged unless justification is made of serious injury or illness.
The weekly surf lessons schedule will be sent to students every Sunday until 22h.
Given that sea, wind, swell conditions are always changing our team makes the Surf Lessons schedule according to the best conditions to ensure maximum safety and fun for the clients.
If, from our part, it’s necessary to make any urgent change to Lesson’s schedule, our team will inform the Client until at least 12 hours of lesson time.
If you need Beach Transfer contact us for rates and availability.
Our Surf Lessons can take place at Ovar region (Esmoriz, Maceda and Furadouro beach)
All the Surf Lessons Packages have 1 year duration since the day they are bought.
Information of prices are available in our web site, www.epicsurfcamp.com.
The Payment for purchased packages can be made by bank transfer to:
IBAN: PT50002300004562432306394
Payment for EPIC SURF CAMP PACKS in our Villa are divided into 2 stages.
First stage consists in a deposit of 50%.
Second stage consists in the remaining amount of 50% that must be paid 7 days prior to arrival.
Payment for SURF SCHOOL PACKS is paid in full at time of booking.
If you have any question that needs clarification, contact us by our web site or by email to epicsurfcamp@gmail.com.
This Agreement is in accordance with, and governed by the laws of Portugal.
All disputes should be done at:
CICAP (“Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto).
Epic Surf Camp reserves the right to update or alter these Terms at any time.
At Epic Surf Camp we do everything within our powers to ensure you have the ultimate surfing holiday. If any part of your trip organised by us does not go to plan, we will do everything we can to ensure it is rectified and your trip runs smoothly.
Make sure you take a copy of your booking confirmation email from us. This document contains vital information regarding your arrival, itinerary and contact numbers of our team.

©2021 Epic Surf Camp

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